1)Brew Silver Needle Tea with hot water

 Silver Needle Tea is Chinese white tea  White tea is processed the least and has really good health benefits.  Of all kinds of white tea, Silver Needle is the highest quality. This tea brings a very pleasant mood.  It can be quite a stimulant, even though it has only trace amounts of caffeine.  You may just want to have one cup.  I find the hotter I drink it, the more of a stimulant it is.

2)Matcha Tea in a bowl with hot water and a bamboo whisk

Matcha tea is powdered Japanese green tea. It is whisked into a little bowl with a bamboo whisk, although one of those silver kitchen whisks will work.  The powder dissolves, more or less, into the hot water.  I believe this to be the best tea experience and it brings a wonderful mood.

3) Cold Green Tea:  1 gallon jug of Purified Water (3.78 L), 1 ounce Genmaicha loose leaf tea (28 g), a funnel and a refrigerator.

Pour enough water out of the jug.  Pour 1 ounce of tea into the jug using the funnel.  Put the cap on, shake.  Leave it in a refrigerator for about 3 days.  Pour into a pitcher using a strainer. 

4) Lemongrass tea: dry lemongrass, hot water, sugar (optional), a teapot
Fill your strainer all the way up with lemongrass.  Pour the hottest water in your teapot and wait until it cools to a drinkable temperature.

5) Hot black tea and caramel

6)  Green Tea Latte

Brew green tea twice as strong.  Let it cool down.  Fill up a glass with ice, half tea, and half skim milk.  Add some stevia (not too much!) and mix.

7) Lemongrass tea (authentic):  lemongrass stalks, a pot of water

Cut the stalks down to size and boil them for about 15 minutes.  Now do whatever you feel like. 

8) Red Tea Latte: same as 6, with red tea.