1) Vegetable Soup: Red Curry Sauce, Cream of Mushroom Soup, milk, vegetables and basil (optional). 

Boil vegetables in half as much curry sauce as the amount of liquid you want. Boil for a minute less than the directions say.  The other half is cream of mushroom SOUP (so 1/4 as much condensed mushroom soup).  Stir, serve hot.  The basil gives it more of an Asian flavor.


2) Boil vegetables in red curry sauce. Your vegetables should be firm but easy to bite into.  Then add some yellow curry powder.

3)  Yellow curry sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, wet seaweed 

Start with yellow curry sauce.  Heat this up in a pot or pan, and throw in some cheddar cheese and wet seaweed. The cheddar should be shredded before you do this. The cheese should be somewhat melted.  Wet seaweed is something you can get at an Asian market.

4) Condensed tomato soup, condensed cream of mushroom soup, frozen vegetables from a grocery store, skim milk, basil, Four Cheese Mexican Blend, sriracha sauce, restaurant hot sauce

You need condensed tomato and cream of mushroom soups. I used one of each, which makes plenty for two people. The directions on my condensed tomato soup said that I could combine the concentrate with either one can of water or one can of milk.  Go with water. Whisk it all together. Now put some vegetables in there.  I used those store bought, frozen vegetables. Boil these vegetables in this for 5 minutes at the most, if you are using very small vegetables.  Now put in the cream of mushroom soup concentrate. Instead of filling this can up with water and adding it to the pot, go with milk (I always use skim).  Control the heat so it will give a nice temperature for soup. Now take your whisk and try your best to whisk in the cream of mushroom concentrate. I also added, at this point, some basil (to season the vegetables), some sriracha sauce (to also season the vegetables and add a little personality), and some unknown hot sauce from a restaurant (because I wanted to use it). You should let this sit for a while, not too long, maybe 10-15 minutes, so the cream of mushroom concentrate blends in well, and the seasoning has time to work its magic.  I topped all of this off with some shredded cheese, the kind you buy in a sealed bag.  Mine is called “Four Cheese Mexican Blend.” The cheeses are monterey jack, cheddar, asadero, and quesadilla.

5) Canned tomato soup, red curry paste, lentils or soy beans, herbs/seasoning, butter-squash pasta sauce

. Perfectly good if you do not have that last one. First you put your tomato soup in a pot. If it is condensed soup, add the water.  Now boil it.  Mix in some red curry sauce to give it more “body,” so it doesn’t just taste like broth.  Put in some beans.  I would not use black beans or pinto beans.  I recommend soy beans, lentils or both. They take about 25 mins to cook. Once you put the beans in, put in some seasoning.  Garlic and herbs are what I used, and they came in a packet in my lentils so I don’t know what they were. You can’t go wrong with basil and garlic.  I doubt putting onion in would be a bad idea.  (parsley, Italian seasoning?) After cooking this to the point where the beans were cooked, I tasted it and it was fabulous.  I still added butter-squash pasta sauce I happened to have, and it gave the whole thing a bit of a different flavor, but I would not say it was better or worse.

6) Tamarind/Chicken soup: chicken broth, lentils, small vegetables, cumin, paprika

This is a good soup but it is a little tart. (That is not for everyone).  Start with chicken broth. Heat that up.  Once you get it boiling put in some lentils.  These only take about 18 minutes to cook. After about 10 minutes of cooking the lentils, put in some vegetables. You will cook these for the remaining 8. As you put in the vegetables, put in a certain amount of Tamarind powder.  Don’t use too much or it will be too tart.  It should be somewhat tart. I also put in some cumin, but nowhere near as much as tamarind powder. Taste this as you do it.  I then put in some paprika. I used more of this than the cumin, but not quite as much as the tamarind powder. Paprika is a spice and will make this a little hot.

You may also want to try cayenne.  If you don’t like tart soup, then you can do everything above, but leave out the tamarind powder. I don’t know how basil would do. I think that would over-season this, unless you like very seasoned soup (might be good if you left the tamarind powder out).  I think in the near future I will put up a picture of tamarind powder, or at least the package it came in.  I bought it at an Asian market where I live.

7) Condensed tomato soup, milk, tomato sauce, salsa, red curry paste, French or Italian bread

 Good tomato soup: start with condensed tomato soup. Opt to fill the can up with milk, and add that to the condensed product. Now add some tomato sauce, about as much as the original condensed product, maybe a little less. Add some salsa (how spicy do you want it to be?). Add some red curry paste, very little relative to the other ingredients but enough to influence the flavor. Now add more milk, considering that you have added the other ingredients. Add enough to balance this out. This should be a little thicker than broth. Heat this up, and do a really good job of whisking it all together. Do not boil this, but make it hot. Serve this with fresh French or Italian bread. You know, the kind in a bagguete? Just some slices of this should be served with it, for dipping. This is an absolutely delicious soup that is really good when you are sick, or a good side for a larger meal. Good thing for early in the morning too, maybe.

8) Ravioli soup: Red curry sauce, ”Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Ravioli”,  skim milk and a spatula

Put your red curry sauce in a pot.  How much do you want to make? You can think of the red curry sauce as the broth. Put your ravioli on a cutting board. Cut your ravioli up in fourths, or do something similar. Get your red curry sauce boiling, but not too rapidly. Put your cut up ravioli in there. Try to use about as much ravioli as is reasonable. Boil it for about how long it says on the ravioli package (5 minutes on mine). I did mine just a little longer.  As you are doing this, have a spatula, or something like that, to keep making sure the ravioli does not stick to the bottom.    Serve everything in a bowl with a good deep soup spoon, after the ravioli is cooked. The only thing you have to do now, is add some skim milk. This will cool it down a little, and make it not as rich.  Just use your judgment on how much milk.  Your common sense should be fine.

9) Buy “Potato Cheddar and Bacon” soup, curry powder

 Heat “Potato Cheddar and Bacon” soup.   Add some curry powder.  My curry powder is yellow. I added enough to change the color of the soup a little. Don’t add too much. 

10) Cactus soup: Condensed Cream of Celery soup, condensed Tomato Bisque soup, water, “On the border Monterey Jack” cheese, Napolitas (cactus peels), paprika

Use equal amounts of the condensed soups in a sauce pan.  Use water.  Whisk.  Now add some “On the Border, Monterey Jack,” but not too much.  Add enough to make the soup thicker.  Keep whisking and heat. Add some Napolitas.  Mix it all up, serve it at the right temperature.  I added paprika to mine and that made it perfect.

11)  Non condensed canned tomato soup with chunks of tomato, almond butter.  Optional: cheese and crackers

 Add a spoon full or two of almond butter, for every bowl of soup you are making. Now use a whisk, and heat.  Optional: parmesan cheese and crackers.  I strongly recommend those, especially the parmesan. Serve it hot and enjoy!

12) “Bombay Potatoes” by the TastyBite company, red garlic curry, coconut curry

Make it like you are supposed to, either in a microwave, or on a stovetop. (I used my microwave). When you serve it in a bowl (hot), you are going to add small amounts of 2 things: red garlic curry and coconut curry.

13) Condensed tomato soup, milk, Cajun spice, cayenne pepper, paprika, whole grain crackers, parmesan cheese

Buy some condensed tomato soup. Try to get the kind that tells you to add either milk or water, depending on what you like.  Add milk. I use skim, because it has less cholesterol. I will bet this would be really good with more fatty milk, maybe 1%.  Anyway, whisk all of that up in a pot, and turn on the heat on your stove-not too high. I only turned mine half way to medium (low-medium).  Now add some cajun spice. Try to use enough to flavor your soup, but don’t use too much. Now add some cayenne pepper and paprika. I would use even less of each, than you did of the cajun spice.  Next, put in some “whole grain crackers.” What I used were not actually wheat thins, but they are about the same size and shape. I think mine were more solid.  Now top everything off with some parmesan cheese. I let mine sit for a little so the cheese would melt, the crackers would absorb the liquid and the soup would cool off.  My crackers were thick and did not absorb the liquid too fast.

14) Ramen noodles in a plastic package with meat flavoring, condensed cream of mushroom soup, skim or 1% milk

Buy those Ramen noodles that are in a plastic package, but not the ones that are already in a cup. Buy the kind with meat flavoring.  Also buy cream of mushroom condensed soup.  Make that with milk, not water. I would use skim or 1%.  Now, put in some of that meat flavoring that comes in the Ramen package.  Heat all of that up in a pot on your stove. Now put in some of the Ramen noodles.  Break them up first, but not too much.  It doesn’t have to be too hot to cook these noodles. Don’t boil your soup.  Just heat it up enough so your noodles will cook.  Maybe about 45 C, or 114 F, but not much hotter.  Now let your noodles soak in that for about 8-9 minutes. Trust me, this will cook them. If not, leave them in there longer.  I recommend using enough noodles to get some in every bite.  Serve this hot enough to enjoy.

15) Mushroom tomato sauce, condensed cream of mushroom soup where you can add milk

Make the cream of mushroom soup with milk.  Mix with the other ingredient.   Do the amounts your way

16)  “Chef boyardee meat ravioli” and “New England clam chowder”

Just mix chef boyardee meat ravioli and New England clam chowder.  Heat.  You might want to add some seasoned salt, or something like that.

17)  Tomato sauce, Alfredo sauce, milk, vegetables, condensed split pea soup, sriracha sauce and basil

Use half a bottle tomato sauce for one big meal.  Add a few spoonfulls of split pea soup.  Now put in a glob of Alfredo sauce, not nearly as much as the tomato sauce.  Put in a common sense amount of milk. This liquid should be a little thick, compared to other soups. Now heat this up and put in some vegetables. Put in some sriracha sauce, remembering that this is spicy.  Put in some basil, too.  This will help season the vegetables.  Stir everything up. You will want to boil this liquid, but only barely.  Cut your vegetables if they’re too big.  Add them.  Cook 5-7 minutes, while stirring so nothing sticks to the bottom.  Reduce heat.

18) “Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup,” skim milk, Creamy Mushroom Alfredo Sauce, Papa John’s seasoning

Buy Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup.  Add skim milk. Now add some Creamy Mushroom Alfredo Sauce, just enough to thicken the soup.  Use Papa John’s seasoning.  (If you order a thin crust Papa John’s pizza, these seasoning packets should come with it).  Put in enough to give your soup flavor.  Heat your soup as you stir, but don’t let it get too hot, or the milk will stick to the bottom. 

19) “Cream of Mushroom Condensed Soup,” skim milk, Papa John’s seasoning, sriracha sauce 

Buy cream of mushroom condensed soup.  Use skim milk.  Add Papa John’s seasoning (see () number 18).  Now put in some sriracha sauce.  If you are not into spicy stuff don’t use too much.  Mix with a whisk, and heat. Careful the dairy doesn’t stick to the bottom of your pot.

20)  “Tomato Bisque condensed soup”, water, skim milk, “Streit’s Split Pea Soup Mix,” Chicken Flavoring from a Ramen package, marinara sauce, sriracha sauce, AND ABOUT AN HOUR OF TIME 

Put your tomato bisque condensed soup in a pot.  Add the can of water.  Mix.  Add almost enough marinara sauce to double the level of liquid in your pot.  Add enough milk to give the right texture when you mix.  Put in about a one second squirt of sriracha sauce.  Use the whole packet of seasoning from the “Streit’s Split Pea Soup Mix,” and about 1/3 of the chicken flavoring.  Pour in all the split peas.  Mix.  Turn on the heat. Don’t boil, but heat enough that the split peas will cook. This will take a while.  You should actually leave this alone for at least an hour, stirring and taste-testing every so often, and changing the heat if you have to. It takes a while for these split peas to cook.

21) “Campbell’s Beef Noodle Condensed Soup,” Marinara Sauce,” Split Pea Soup powder

Buy Campbells “Beef Noodle” Condensed Soup.  Add the can of water as you put it in a pot, to heat on a stove. Add just a little bit of Marinara sauce. Now add some of the powder that comes in Split Pea Soup. Not much. Mix it all up. Serve hot.