If these don’t say rice, or cook rice, that’s what I mean.

1) White or brown rice, soy sauce, sesame oil, sriracha sauce and mustard.  Good with 2 eggs over easy. 

2) rice, egg, cumin, cayenne, seasoned salt

3) Tropical coconut rice: coconut milk, cayenne, optional: premade sausage.  Cook your rice in coconut milk.  Mix in some cayenne while it cooks.  Optional: chop up some premade sausage into slices, then cut the slices into fourths.  Don’t use too much.

4) Dijon-wasabi mustard and Teriyaki sauce

5) white rice, green salsa and duck sauce

6) olive oil, parmesan.  Put some olive oil and parmesan over cooked rice.

7) soy sauce, sesame oil, canned mushrooms, wet seaweed, sriracha sauce and spicy Chinese mustard.

9) Mix almond butter with salsa. 

10) Peanut butter and salsa

11) butter and parmesan

12) Peanut Satay and lemongrass. Recommend Kenwoi, which is African rice

13) Peanut Satay and spicy Chinese mustard.

14) Rice, 1 or 2 eggs, cumin, cayenne pepper, seasoned salt

cook your rice and some time into the cook, put an egg or two in there. Add cumin, cayenne pepper and  seasoned salt. You might add the seasoned salt  after the rice is on a plate. If you are not used to spicy food, use very little cayenne.

14b)  I made the above with  multi-colored rice, and then I added salsa to the finished product. I might have  left the seasoned salt out. I dont think it would make a big  difference, but keep it around.  This was delicious. I used plenty of salsa and it still was not too spicy.

15) Teriyaki sauce, peanut  sauce and Sriracha sauce and maybe a little soy sauce on this rice dish. I think I used sesame oil on this one too.