Ordered pizzas

1) Put shredded cabbage on cheese pizza.

2) Put capers on a pepperoni pizza

Pizzas from a grocery store

3) Greek pizza with olives, some spinach, and feta cheese.  Add frozen vegetables before the bake.

4) Buy a vegan pizza, add cheese and cajun spice

5) Order a pizza with mushrooms.  Add alfalfa sprouts and jalapenos.

6) Buy a margarita pizza.  Add banana chips after the bake.

7) Store bought frozen pepperoni pizza, assorted vegetables, Cajun spice, shredded cheese

Put on the vegetables before or during the bake, depending on how long you should bake them.  Sprinkle Cajun spice on the vegetables and pizza.  After baking, top it off with some shredded cheese.

8) “Mediterranean (Spinach/Feta Cheese/Kalamata Olives) Pizza,” Napolitas, Frank’s hot sauce,

 Buy “Mediterranean (Spinach/Feta Cheese/Kalamata Olives) Pizza.” If you only like bland food, just cook it like says. For the rest of us, buy some napolitas. These are cactus peelings.  Marinade some of these in cayenne pepper sauce. I used Frank’s Hot Sauce.  You don’t have to marinade them for long, but get the job done (2-5 minutes).  Now put those napolitas all over your pizza.  Use just enough to get some amount of napolita in every bite. Now bake your pizza, and I believe the directions say to use 400F for 10-14 minutes, after pre-heating your oven to 400F.  I went with 12 and mine was perfect.  (If you live in a metric country, it should give the Celsius figure for oven temperature on the pizza box).

9) Store bought cheese pizza, banana chips, capers, cabbage

Add the last 3 ingredients before baking.

10)   “Thin Crust Pizza Four Cheese,” canned sweet peas, canned mushrooms 

Before baking, add some sweet peas and mushrooms.  They should be drained, but not rinsed

11)  Kashi Four Cheese Thin Crust Pizza, Cayenne Pepper Sauce, Shaved Parmesan Cheese and Frozen Vegetables-the small kind you buy at a store

Start thawing your vegetables.  Before baking, add some shaved parmesan cheese. Enough to cover the pizza with cheese, including what is already on there. Mix it around.  Put on some cayenne pepper sauce- just enough that you can spread it all around with your fingers, getting it spread all over the cheese. Now add your thawed vegetables. Put those all over the pizza.  Now bake it on the setting for soft crust, (425F/218C for 12 minutes).