1)   Cook up Asian noodles, the kind that are clear, following the directions.  Serve on a plate with a shallow bowl on the side. The bowl should be about four or five parts chicken broth, one part soy sauce and enough nutty peanut butter that when whisked together, the concoction is nutty.

2) Pasta with tomato sauce.  You need: pasta, peanut oil, onion, garlic, basic tomato sauce, tomato paste, Italian seasoning and parsley.  Boil water and cook pasta.  In a frying pan put a layer of peanut oil, and turn the heat to medium.  Put in chopped up onion and garlic.  Fry for a minute.  Put in the basic tomato sauce and add enough tomato paste to get the right consistency.  Add Italian seasoning and parsley.  Turn the heat down half way. Stir.  Serve over cooked pasta.


3) Ravioli.  You need: Spinach or Lobster Ravioli, tomato sauce, butter squash, cajun spice and chopped jalapenos (optional).  Cook your ravioli how the directions say.  In a frying pan use 1/2 tomato sauce, 1/2 butter squash, a shake of cajun spice and chopped jalapenos.  Stir and heat, but not so hot it boils.  Serve over cooked ravioli.

4) Artichoke and olive ravioli.  Cook as directed.  Use parmesan cheese, butter and very little cayenne pepper sauce all mixed up.

5)  Spinach ravioli.  You need spinach ravioli, tomato and basil sauce, cayenne pepper sauce, paprika and cajun spice.  For a whole bottle of tomato and basil sauce, use a few drops of cayenne pepper sauce, a few shakes of paprika and a little less cajun spice.  Heat that and mix it up.  Serve over cooked spinach ravioli.

6) Sweet potato ravioli.  You need that, tomato sauce and curry powder.  Cook the ravioli as directed.  Heat tomato sauce and put in some curry.  Mix.  Serve over ravioli.


7) Chicken flavor “Pasta Sides.” You need that, milk and parmesan.  Cook the pasta in milk and add parmesan as you serve.

8) Spaghetti.  You need: organic Tomato sauce, Basil and cajun.  Add those 2 to your sauce as you heat

9) noodles, peanut sauce, sesame oil, tofu, soy sauce

It doesn’t matter what kind of noodles.  Cook them.  At the same time, in a frying pan, use mostly peanut sauce, with some sesame oil.  Spread the peanut sauce around.  Heat that stuff up.   Get it simmering. Throw in some tofu that you have cut up into some nice little squares. The tofu should cook for about a minute, two at the most.  Pour all that over the cooked noodles.  Possibly add a little soy sauce.
It’s been a while since I made this.  Maybe you don’t quite have to simmer  your sauce.  I would definitely keep mixing it around.

10) Four cheese ravioli, Canned Tomato sauce, roasted red chili paste, basil, Italian seasoning, parsley

Start boiling water.  Put your ravioli in, for however long it says, on the package.   Meanwhile, make the sauce---> Canned Tomato sauce, roasted red chili paste, basil, Italian seasoning and parsley. Use a sensible amount of red chili paste.  This will give it a little spice. Use about equal amounts of basil, Italian seasoning and parsley. Just use good judgment and sense, maybe taste-test.  I used a whisk for this, which I think was good for mixing in the red chili paste, and the heat helped, too.  Pour it all over your cooked, drained, pasta on a plate.

11)  Egg noodles, butter, high quality parmesan, finely chopped cilantro.

Cook up some eggs noodles and use butter and some “high quality parmesan” and mix a little finely chopped cilantro in with everything.  Don’t overdo it with the cilantro, but use enough so you can see it spread around.


12)  “smoked mozzarella and artichoke” ravioli, “tomato herb parmesan” sauce, Italian seasoning, parsley, cayenne pepper sauce
Cook up “smoked mozzarella and artichoke” ravioli. Cook it like it says on the package. For sauce, start with “tomato herb parmesan” sauce. The brand I used for that was Buitoni. I added Italian seasoning and a little less parsley, enough to make some difference.  I also added a reasonable amount of cayenne pepper sauce. This was all really good.  It was good to mix up the inside of the ravioli with the sauce a little bit, as I ate it.  Mine was spicy, but not too much, and it was great with milk

16)  You need: “Knorr Pasta Sides Chicken Flavor,” sriracha sauce and curry powder

 Buy “Knorr Pasta Sides Chicken Flavor.” Make it how it says on the package, but you are going to add 2 things: sriracha sauce and curry powder.  I added those 2 things after I was done with the cooking. All you have to do is boil some water, and put in the “knorr Pasta Sides Chicken Flavor,” and let it cook for 7 minutes, until the water is gone.  That is what the package tells you to do. I actually simmered mine because I did not read the directions carefully.  This gave me a really creamy, gooey kind of a sauce for the noodles, after 7 minutes.  That was when I added a squirt of sriracha and a shake of curry powder and mixed it in. Then I let it sit for a while and the sauce thickened. Then I served it to myself and ate it in 2 or 3 portions.  I thought this was much better than just making the stuff how it says on the package. When I did it that way it was too bland. I definitely think I improved it.  Watch out with the sriracha-that stuff is hot.  Also watch out with the curry powder: if you use too much it will not taste good. A little of that goes a long way.

17) You need:  “Knorr Pasta Sides Alfredo,” “gator hammock gator sauce,” and parmesan cheese

Buy “Knorr Pasta Sides Alfredo.” Make it like says on the package.  It tells you to boil the contents of the package in a mixture of milk and water. Add “gator hammock gator sauce.”  This is a hot sauce.  Add this, as soon as you can make the powder from the package dissolve.  Before you serve this, put on some parmesan cheese. The parmesan cheese makes this a little more flavorful and a little less spicy.  The gator sauce is going to make this spicy. I would use 5-10 ml or about 3 or 4 tablespoons, gator sauce.  I put on a lot of parmesan, but not too much.  Each noodle should have a coating of parmesan after you mix everything up.

18) Egg noodles, dried (chopped) onions, Cajun spice, red pepper flakes, optional parmesan

 Boil some water, and put in some egg noodles. These are wavy, curvy noodles. Once you put them in water, put in some dried onions. I have a bottle of these, they are called dried onions, and they are chopped into pieces. Also put in some cajun spice.  After the noodles are cooked (mine take about 10 minutes), drain, and put them on a plate and add some red pepper flakes.  I have a bottle of those, too.  Just shake some on. These will make this a little spicy, but not too much.  I also used just a little bit of butter and mixed it around pretty well.  This tasted ok as it was, but I decided to add some parmesan cheese too. Mixed it all up and it was good.

19) Pasta, tomato sauce, salsa, “Mojo Mama Blackened Dry Mojo” seasoning

 Cook some pasta.  Here is how you make the sauce. Start with tomato sauce. I used “Chunky Ragu Garden Combination.” Then add salsa.  Don’t use too much salsa, but use enough to add flavor. Now sprinkle on a little “Mojo Mama Blackened Dry Mojo” seasoning.  I used a few good shakes for one big serving. Mix up the sauce and heat it up. Pour that over your cooked pasta when you can.

20)  Tortellini, butter, Hearty Garden Marinara Sauce, parmesan, sriracha sauce (optional but recommended)

Cook up some tortellini and then use a little butter and some heated “Hearty Garden Marinara Sauce.”  Put in a little sriracha to the Marinara sauce to give it a little kick. Now top it off with some parmesan cheese.  This will be fine without the sriracha, but I think it made everything much better. Don’t use too much.

21) “Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella” Ravioli, Alfredo Sauce, Italian seasoning, sriracha sauce (or some other hot sauce), shredded cheddar cheese

Start with “Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella” Ravioli. Cook this like it says on the package. At the same time, make the sauce: use Alfredo Sauce in a pan, add some Italian seasoning, a little sriracha sauce (or some hot sauce) and heat this up. Stir.   Pour your heated sauce over your cooked ravioli and add more thing: shredded cheddar cheese.  At this point I mixed up everything on my plate.  The cheese melted and made everything better. This would be really good with milk, but I think I had water (still really good).

22) Egg noodles, seasoned salt, Alfredo sauce, Yellow curry sauce, sriracha sauce (optional), one of those vegetable packages with cheese that you are supposed to heat in a microwave, a microwave

Cook some egg noodles. Use a few shakes of seasoned salt in your boiling water before you add the pasta.  Before you put the pasta in the water, start making some vegetables and sauce. For the sauce, use  Alfredo  and  Yellow Curry. Use more Alfredo. Taste test, until you have a delicious taste.  Heat this.  Use one of those packages of vegetables you are supposed to steam, in the package, by putting it in a microwave (opened).  What happens is, your vegetables cook, and some cheese that is in there, melts.  Add all of that to your sauce.  Pour the sauce onto cooked pasta.  After eating half, I couldn’t resist adding Sriracha sauce, giving this an Eastern flavor.

23) Spaghetti, Alfredo Sauce with mushrooms, Yellow curry sauce, Tomato sauce with olive oil and garlic, optional: seasoned salt, canned mushrooms, bread sticks

Cook up some spaghetti, and heat up some sauce while you are cooking. The sauce will be 1) Alfredo Sauce with mushrooms, or just Alfredo Sauce, 2) Yellow curry and 3) Tomato Sauce-mine had olive oil and garlic.  I think I used mostly Alfredo, a little less Tomato Sauce, and a bit less Yellow curry. (You can always taste test your sauce). Mix this up and heat it up.  Now pour it over your cooked spaghetti. I used whole grain spaghetti that was one of the thicker kinds. If I were you, I would add some canned mushrooms to the sauce. I think that would have made this even better. Yes, I know, I already told you to use Alfredo sauce that comes with mushrooms.  I think this would have been even better with more mushrooms. I also added seasoned salt to my water, once I got it boiling, before I put the pasta in. It said to do that on my pasta directions. (I also ate this with bread sticks).

     24) Meat flavored Ramen Noodles PACKAGE (not cup), at least 2 eggs, tomato sauce, sriracha sauce, mild salsa and olive oil.

 In a frying pan, use enough tomato sauce, sriracha sauce, mild salsa and olive oil to cook your Ramen noodles. You will mix those things up.  Use a lot of salsa and tomato sauce.  Go about half and half. Lubricate everything with enough olive oil, so everything is a little more like a liquid. (That will change as you cook).  Now, take your meat flavoring packet, and mix in a sensible amount of that powder into your pan.  Don’t use too much or you will make this too salty. You should not be using anywhere near the full amount in the package.  I recommend some sriracha sauce too. You can add a reasonable amount without making this too spicy.  Now take as much of the Ramen noodles as you can cook in the sauce in your pan. Break the noodles up really well before putting them in there. Have this on medium heat, and stir frequently to keep everything from sticking to the bottom of your pan.                                                                                                                                                       
Just before your noodles are cooked, which takes about 5 minutes as I recall, you are going to poach some eggs in a pot of water. You will probably want 2 or 3 eggs, per portion.  Boil the water, but only slightly.  Crack some eggs, don’t leave them in there for more than a minute and a half, and don’t break the yokes taking them out. Maybe use a spoon with holes. Try to get all of the egg, without the water. 
Put your pasta with the sauce on a plate.  Put the eggs on top.

25) Ravioli soup: Red curry sauce, ”Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Ravioli”,  skim milk and a spatula

Put your red curry sauce in a pot.  How much do you want to make? You can think of the red curry sauce as the broth. Put your ravioli on a cutting board. Cut your ravioli up in fourths, or do something similar. Get your red curry sauce boiling, but not too rapidly. Put your cut up ravioli in there. Try to use about as much ravioli as is reasonable. Boil it for about how long it says on the ravioli package (5 minutes on mine). I did mine just a little longer.  As you are doing this, have a spatula, or something like that, to keep making sure the ravioli does not stick to the bottom.    Serve everything in a bowl with a good deep soup spoon, after the ravioli is cooked. The only thing you have to do now, is add some skim milk. This will cool it down a little, and make it not as rich.  Just use your judgment on how much milk. 

26) “Chef Boyardee mini ravioli”, “Campbells pork and beans,” canned sweet peas, Taco Bell hot sauce, Sriracha sauce, seasoned salt

Mix “Chef Boyardee mini ravioli” and “Campbells pork and beans.” These are canned foods.  One is meat ravioli, the other is baked beans. Do it about half and half. Heat it up in a pot. I also added Taco Bell hot sauce, a little Sriracha sauce and some seasoned salt. I added the sriracha and seasoned salt first, and it was ok.  Then I added the Taco Bell hot sauce and it got much better.    Eventually, I added some canned sweet peas.

27) Make your own pasta.  For sauce: tomato sauce mixed with salsa.  See video below