1) Blueberry pancakes: Bisquick, Aunt Jemima Syrup, milk, eggs, blueberries, peanut oil and butter. 

Heat your syrup, but don’t use a microwave.  Follow the Bisquick directions, but use considerably less Bisquick and a little less milk.  Get the blueberries in your batter.  Peanut oil is your lubricant.

2) Regular pancakes:  You need Whole Grain Pancake Mix, Medium Amber Maple Syrup, corn oil, and butter.

Heat your maple syrup.  Follow the directions on the pancake mix.

2b) Candy pancakes: Do 2, but add lemongrass to the finished product.

3)Sliced jalapenos, pre-cooked/packaged squid, pancakes with your own ingredients

Make your pancake batter thick.  Use the stringy kind of squid that looks like string cheese.  You may cut the strands to make them shorter.  Slice your jalapenos, if they aren’t already.