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1)   Oil (ie corn oil), Indian curry paste, tomato sauce, salsa, bell peppers, eggs, “Four Cheese Mexican Blend,” curry powder, ground pepper

Huevos Rancheros: Put some oil in the bottom of a frying pan.  Now mix in a little Indian curry paste. Spread it around and heat it up to about medium heat. Now put in a combination of tomato sauce (I used marinara sauce) and salsa (I used medium). Now put in some chopped up peppers.  Use a variety of colors if you can. Now here is what is going to take a little talent. Crack some eggs and, without breaking the yokes, leave them sunny-side up, cooking in your tomato sauce/salsa mixture.  Leave them in there just long enough to get cooked a little, then flip them over without breaking the yokes.  Keep everything as “neat” as you can. Now put some shredded cheese over everything so it will melt. This is shredded cheese you buy in a sealed bag, but mine is called “Four Cheese Mexican Blend.” The cheeses are monterey jack, cheddar, asadero, and quesadilla. Now serve all of this with some curry powder and ground pepper.  I found that these two ingredients made everything much better, but I did not actually use very much of either.

2) This is cereal.  Start with cheerios in a bowl.  Go with half milk and half almond milk. Good combo.  Or just go with cheerios and almond milk, but if you do that you will need to sweeten it with some honey. OR, you can try honey nut cheerios, skim milk, and agave. Thats a good one too.

3) Canned black beans, curry powder, sriracha sauce and meat flavored powder from a Ramen noodles package

 Buy some canned black beans. You do not have to cook this kind. Put it in a pot. You are going to add 3 things in equal amounts: curry powder, sriracha sauce and meat flavored powder from a Ramen noodles package. If you buy the Ramen noodles in the plastic packages, they come with a flavoring powder. I am talking about the one for meat flavor, but it might be interesting to try the one for chicken. So mix up your beans with your curry powder, meat flavored powder and sriracha sauce. Just heat it all up and serve it.  This is spicy and flavorful.  It might be a little salty, so you can serve it with water. Use the amount of the ingredients that is right for you. The more you add, the more flavorful and spicy.  At some point, it is too much.

4) Refried beans, salsa, Cajun spice, sharp white cheddar cheese 

Buy refried beans in a can.  Also have some salsa. Go about half and half with those two, putting them in a pot.  I also used some cajun spice. Don’t use too much of that, but a few good shakes for each serving is fine.  Mix this up and turn the heat to medium.  Stir this gently as it is getting hot.  For cheese, I used sharp white cheddar cheese.  Put this on top of everything and let it melt.  Make sure it all gets hot enough.