1)  Buy precooked sausage.  Get the kind you are still supposed to fry with some water in a pan.  Fry it.  Serve with a large, cold 2% milk and Gourmaise.  That’s mayonnaise with roasted red chili peppers. 

2) Hamburger.  Ground beef, Cajun spice, creole, Pineapple Teriyaki marinade, artichokes, mustard, mayonnaise, uncooked spinach from a plastic bag, toasted hamburger buns, and optional jalapenos.

Grill this one. Use ground beef, enough to make a thick hamburger.  Season your meat with a liberal application of cajun spice and creole.  Now put some Pineapple Teriyaki marinade on each side of the meat as you are cooking it.  At the same time, toast your hamburger buns.  At some point, put a couple of artichokes on the grill. Season them with cajun and creole. Once the meat is cooked and the artichokes are fried, make it into a hamburger. Use mayonnaise and mustard and some uncooked spinach.  I actually added a coupled of jalapenos to my meat. Don’t do that if you don’t want it spicy.

3) Taco.  Hard shells, ground beef, roasted red chili paste, peanut oil, cajun spice, creole spice, uncooked spinach or lettuce, guacamole, salsa, shredded cheese Mexican blend and, taco seasoning mix.

Lubricate pan with peanut oil.  I haven’t made this in a while, but I’m going to recommend medium heat.  Mix in enough red chili paste that you can spread it around, but not much more.  Use as much chopped up ground beef as you think you’ll need.  Too much seasoning will make this too salty, but go about half and half with cajun spice and creole. Use less taco seasoning mix than cajun or creole. Cook until you can no longer see pink.   Put your beef into your hard taco shells and add the guacamole, lettuce (or spinach), salsa and cheese.

4) Meat and vegetables recipe.   Turkey meat, cut up vegetables, teriyaki marinade with ginger and sesame flavor, green tea marinade (looks like soy sauce), sriracha sauce, peanut oil, red curry paste, onion, garlic, paprika, canned mushrooms.

Use a wok or frying pan. I recommend a wok. Start by chopping up your onions and garlic. Now put some peanut oil in a wok. Put in some red curry paste. Turn the heat on low for now. Don’t use too much curry paste. Spread around the amount you have. Put in your garlic and onions. Get that coated and sizzling, as you add perhaps a little more heat. Now put in your turkey meat in little, bit-sized amounts until you have the total amount you want. It can cook a little bit. In other words, you may go up to medium heat. Cook just to the point that you don’t see any more pink. Use some of the teriyaki marinade and the green tea marinade. The teriyaki marinade is thick. The green tea marinade is more watery. Mix that stuff up. I used a whole small can of mushrooms and I put in all the liquid that was in the can, into the wok. Get enough liquid to cook your vegetables and cook your meat the rest of the way. Cut up any really big vegetables before you do this. You may want to go with high heat now. The liquid in your wok or pan is going to boil down until there is not that much liquid left, or none. At some point, you should use some sriracha sauce and some paprika to spice things up a bit, if a taste test indicates this is what you need. I used a lot of sriracha and paprika and it was still not that spicy, just very flavorful. Once there is no more liquid in your pan, your vegetables should be cooked, and your meat should be thoroughly cooked and flavorful. The vegetables should take about five minutes to cook. Add more liquid, in the form of your ingredients if you need to. Serve.

OPTIONAL: If you are going to then make this into a sandwich you need French bread and some mustard, mayonnaise and pepper or whatever you like on a philly steak. Slice the bread down the middle. I recommend actually cutting it in half after toasting it. You can do it “Philly-Steak” style, that’s the idea here, where you don’t quite cut all the way across the bead. I always have philly-steaks with mayo and mustard. Maybe you like yours with ketchup.

5)  Meat and vegetables: frozen green peas, olive oil, corn oil, ground beef (hopefully high quality organic beef), roasted red chili paste, cajun spice, fish sauce, Taco seasoning mix, and Sriracha sauce (or some other red chili sauce).

This is a spicy Asian dish-beef with green peas.  You can make it less spicy, but I think it should be spicy.  You are going to bake peas while you are frying meat, and then put the peas in you frying pan (or wok), with your meat. First think about how much meat and how many peas you want. Get the right mix, but I recommend using a lot of peas.  Put your peas in some kind of pan that you are going to put in some kind of oven. Coat the peas with olive oil and fish sauce. Go half and half with those ingredients and get them soaked, but don’t overdo it. Also coat them with cajun spice. This is one thing that adds to the spice, but cajun spice is not all that hot, just flavorful. It is a little salty, so don’t use too much, but mix it all up with the peas, olive oil and fish sauce in your pan (or dish or whatever you call it).  You are going to preheat your oven to 450F/230C and bake them about 8 minutes and then throw them into your wok/frying pan, where you are cooking your beef.                                                                                                                                                                                                         About that, chop up some beef into bite sized little bits.  Have that ready on a cutting board. In your wok/frying pan, put down some corn oil for a lubricant.  Add some red chili paste and spread it around in the corn oil as you heat it on medium.  You don’t want to make it too oily, but you don’t have to serve the oil.  Use enough red chili paste to influence the flavor. You are going to put your chopped up beef in your wok and coat it with some Taco seasoning mix.  Use a sensible amount.                                                                        Think about how cooked you want your meat to be.  I like mine well done.  I started baking my peas just a minute or 2 before I started frying my meat. You can wait about 4 or 5 minutes if you want more tender meat.  Once you start cooking your meat, watch to see that there is no pink that you can see.  Never eat meat like that. You should not be able to see any pink, even if like it rare.  It can still be rare on the inside, but I recommend cooking your meat at least 2 minutes past the point that you can’t see anymore pink.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    After baking the peas for about 8 minutes, put them in with your meat.  Try to put them in the wok without the fluid from their pan.  Now put in some Sriracha sauce. I have a plastic bottle of that, and I squirted a lot of it in.  USE LESS IF YOU DO NOT WANT IT TO BE TOO SPICY.  Mine was about as spicy as they are allowed to serve you at U.S. restaurants, maybe even a little less. Cook everything until the peas are tender but firm.  Serve it hot. I recommend chopsticks, a plate you can pick up, and cold milk.  Maybe a napkin, too.


6) Hamburger Helper, turkey meat, chili seasoning, Cajun spice, sriracha sauce, 2 cups of milk, 1 cup hot water

Buy “Hamburger Helper” some place. I think they have them all across the US, probably Canada, don’t know about Mexico or anywhere else. It’s a little box full of noodles and some cheese mix, and you are going to make this better than the instructions say to. Start off browning your meat.  The instructions say to use beef. I used Turkey meat.  I don’t think I quite used the 1 pound they recommended.  1 pound is 2.2 kg.  Anyway, lubricate your pan with something (don’t overdo that) and start frying your chopped up meat in a pan.  Throw in a good amount of chili seasoning.  Get it good and coated. Now use some cajun spice.  I did not quite use as much cajun spice. Then I squirted a significant amount of Sriracha sauce (that’s red chili sauce) on the meat. mix in the cheese mix before you put in the noodles.  I fried it for a while until the meat was nice and brown, then I did everything else like it said on the box.  .  You put in 1 cup hot water, 2 cups milk, then the cheese sauce and noodles and mix it up. Then you bring it to a boil and let it simmer for 10 minutes.  Then you remove it from the heat. Uncover it when you serve yourself.  I think if you leave it uncovered the sauce thickens.  I think it should be served with milk.

7) “Chef Boyardee mini ravioli”, “Campbells pork and beans,” canned sweet peas, Taco Bell hot sauce, Sriracha sauce, seasoned salt

Mix “Chef Boyardee mini ravioli” and “Campbells pork and beans.” These are canned foods.  One is meat ravioli, the other is baked beans. Do it about half and half. Heat it up in a pot. I also added Taco Bell hot sauce, a little Sriracha sauce and some seasoned salt. I added the sriracha and seasoned salt first, and it was ok.  Then I added the Taco Bell hot sauce and it got much better.    Eventually, I added some canned sweet peas.