1) Peanut butter and canned salmon

Drain the salmon and mix with peanut butter.

2) Tilapia: tilapia filets,  mayonnaise, lemon juice, lime juice, parmesan cheese, butter,ginger and olive oil.

First you preheat your over to 450F or 230C.  While you are doing that take as many filets as you are making and put them in your baking pan.  Soak these in olive oil and butter.  Make sure there is a little olive oil in the pan for lubrication. Grate some ginger over your filets and squirt a little lemon on them put them in your oven. Now cook your filets until they are white and no longer clear. While you are doing that prepare a mixture of mayonnaise, lime juice and parmesan cheese.  Use whatever amount of these ingredients you want (taste test?) in a measuring cup or something like that. Whisk it up.  It looks like a white paste.  Once your fish are white, take them out of the oven, and cover them with this mixture. You may want to flip your filets over before covering them with the mixture. Put your fish filets back in the oven and continue to cook until that paste starts turning golden brown.  Take out and serve immediately.

3) Grilled shrimp: peeled shrimp, coconut milk, cayenne pepper, and red curry paste. 

Mix coconut milk, red curry paste, and a little cayenne.  Marinade shrimp.  Grill.

4) Wet seaweed and pre-packaged squid that looks like string cheese.

5) Herring from a bottle, a poached egg or two, and some toast.

Poach your egg(s) and combine the ingredients in a bowl.

7) Tilapia fish sticks: Panko Breaded Tilapia, Japanese White Sauce, Chipolte, and Taco Bell hot sauce.

Bake Tilapia according to directions.  For dipping sauce, 70% White sauce, 15% Chipolte and 15% Taco Bell hot sauce.

8) Panko Breaded Tilapia and 90% Barbecue sauce and 10% Ranch dressing

Bake Tilapia according to directions.


9) Salmon burgers: salmon patties, sliced jalapenos, sliced carrots, mustard, mayonnaise, bread, Cajun spice and Pineapple Teriyaki Marinade.

I used sliced bread, but if I did it again I’d use buns.  Salmon patties may be called Salmon burgers.
Get your grill going.  Put your uncooked salmon on there. As you are cooking it, make sure it gets coated in Pineapple Teriyaki marinade as you are flipping it over. Really get it in there.  About half way into cooking your salmon, start toasting your bread.  Optional: Also grill up your chopped up carrots and sliced jalapenos, or heat them up somehow.  I think if you grill them, that takes down the spice from the jalapenos. That’s a good idea if you don’t have any carrots. Make all of this into a sandwich, with mayonnaise, mustard and cajun spice.  Don’t use too much cajun spice, but get a significant coating. I think it really makes a good sandwich to use a mix of carrots and jalapenos and chop them all up really well.

10)  Canned sardines, “Mojo Mama Blackened Dry Mojo” seasoning, optional sriracha sauce 

Just sprinkle some Mojo.  Optional, use very little sriracha.

11) Uncooked salmon, “spiced Caribbean Jerk marinade” and 25% “Nance’s Chili sauce,”
Optional: “hot mango chutney,” and sriracha sauce

Use 75% “spiced Caribbean Jerk marinade” and about 25% “Nance’s Chili sauce” for your marinade.  Mix that up in a pan you will put in your oven. Put your uncooked salmon in the pan. Move the salmon all around and get some of the marinade soaked into salmon. Preheat your oven to whatever your salmon package says.  Bake it at the same temperature and the longest time your package says. Half way through the bake, take the salmon out, flip, and baste with marinade.  Serve with the marinade. Have some sriracha sauce and “hot mango chutney” on the table.