These need a blender:

1) Tropical Drink: 1 can of coconut milk, 2 ripe bananas and 2 navel oranges. Navel oranges have what looks like a belly button, or navel.  Optional: rum

Have your blender glass and drinking glasses in the freezer for a while.  Blend these ingredients.

2) Sweet drink: 1 banana, 1 big glob of plain yogurt, milk, honey and ice.

3) Chocolate milk:  Baking cocoa, skim milk and agave.

You can follow the directions on the baking cocoa container, then sweeten with agave.  Might be delicious with thicker milk

4) Milk, frozen peaches, stevia, ice, blueberry fruit spread and strawberry fruit spread. 

You don’t need too much fruit spread, but put in enough to make a difference.  Don’t use too much stevia

5) Banana, milk, peanut butter, chocolate and possibly sweetener.

This is something I used to drink as a protein shake, so the chocolate I used was protein powder, which tends to be somewhat sweet.  If you don’t want to make this a protein shake, I recommend pure cocoa sweetened with stevia. Pure cocoa has no sugar. I think I would put some ice cubes in this one.

These don’t need a blender:


6) Skim milk, store bought frozen blueberries and stevia. 

Sweeten your milk with stevia.  Don’t use too much.  Add blueberries.


7) Half “Black Mamba Venom Energy drink,” and half “Mighty Mango Naked juice smoothie

7) Mix skim milk and agave.  Stir

8) mix half “Monster Khaos” energy drink with half “blue machine,” naked juice drink.  Pour the energy drink first.

9) Banana, orange, kiwi, milk, plain yogurt and stevia

Don’t use too much stevia.  I had this with one banana, about one and a half or two small oranges and I don’t remember how much kiwi. I think it might have just been one. There was enough milk so I could have a small glass and enough plain yogurt to give it that thick texture. 


10) Best coffee: French press brewer and lightly roasted Arabica beans.  Boil water in a teapot and follow the directions on the Arabica beans and brewer..