1) Seaweed rice crackers dipped in wasabi-dijon mustard.

2) Bananas and wasabi peas

3) Tortilla chips with half salsa and half hummus

4) Banana with peanut butter

5) Apple with peanut butter

6) Oranges with honey

7) Toast with butter,  jelly and lemongrass 

8) Crunchy noodles and duck sauce.

9) Banana and cream cheese. Serve slices of banana with little bits of cream cheese on top

10) Coconut with paprika and cayenne.  Dip coconut in either one.

11) Appetizer Sandwich.  Barley, 2 slices of bread, olive oil, soy sauce.

Cook up some barley.  This is like rice, but it takes longer to cook. Now take 2 slices of bread.  Spread a little olive oil on one of the slices. Now take some cooked barley, put it between the bread and add just a little bit of soy sauce before making it a sandwich.  Enjoy.  Try to eat this hot

12) Flatbread crackers, Dijon-wasabi mustard, crunchy peanut butter

 Use 2/3 peanut butter and 1/3 dijon-wasabi mustard. This is a little spicy.

13)  Carrots, Spinach-artichoke dip, parmesan cheese

Mix the parmesan in with the Spinach-artichoke dip, and dip the carrots and enjoy.

14)Roasted Onion Dip, sesame crackers.

15) Flatbread crackers, “Mango Cream Cheese and Salsa”

16) Tortilla chips, Creamy Spinach Dip, Gator Hammock Gator Sauce, and Red Beet Hummus

Use mostly Creamy Spinach Dip, then enough Gator Sauce to make it a little too spicy. Then add enough Red Beet Hummus to take away some of the spice.

17) peanuts and hot sauce.

18) Fruit mix dip, Creamy spinach dip, don’t remember 

I don’t remember if I used crackers or tortillas 

19) Banana Chips and Ranch Dip

20) Spinach dip, Jamaican Jerk sauce, Vegetable Chips
Use less Jamaican jerk, mostly Spinach dip.

21) Lemon wafers and Nutella Chocolate

22) Kaiser roll, toaster, knife, butter, sliced jalapenos, grape jelly, marmalade jelly

Get a kaiser roll and toast it after slicing it in half. Melt some butter in between the halves.  Add sliced jalapenos, grape jelly and marmalade jelly. Go half and half on the jelly. Now spread the jalapenos out and make it a sandwich.  Optional: use mild jalapenos, or leave them out.

23) Put peanut butter on top of a slice of bread and put alfalfa sprouts over it.

24)  Plain yogurt, stevia, frozen blueberries

Mix stevia into plain yogurt.  Use very little.  Add the blueberries and mix. 

25) Mixed beer nuts, pimento cheese spread. 

 Have one bowl for the mixed beer nuts and another for the pimento cheese spread.

26) Crostini’s with sea salt and rosemary (these are little crackers called italian toasts), sesame oil

 Pour some sesame oil over them.

27) Bean sprouts, Crostini’s (see number 25), sesame oil, soy sauce and hot sauce

Put some bean sprouts on a plate. Take some crostini’s and break them up over the bean sprouts.  Now use soy sauce, sesame oil and hot sauce over all of it.  Use a good amount of all 3.

30) Eat Azteca Fire tea. Yes, just eat the tea. It is chocolate and roasted red chilis.  This is ok to eat.

31) Mixed berry jelly, whole grain soft shell taco.

 Put mixed berry jelly on a whole grain, soft shell for tacos.  Don’t use the whole shell, just part of it. Spread that jelly around.

32)  Canned peaches, strawberry jelly (sometimes called strawberry preserves)

Dip canned peaches in strawberry jelly.

33)  Sliced fresh bread, “black currant” jelly, “Rapsflower Blossom Honey” 

 Half jelly and half honey, on a slice of untoasted bread.

34)  Cocoa Crispies and peanut butter 

Mix cocoa crispies with peanut butter, in a coffee mug.

35)  Canned sardines, “Mojo Mama Blackened Dry Mojo” seasoning, optional sriracha sauce 
Just sprinkle some Mojo.  Optional, use very little sriracha.

36)  Barley, 2 slices of bread, olive oil, soy sauce

 Cook some barley.   Spread a little olive oil on one of the slices.  Take some cooked barley, put it between the slices and add just a little bit of soy sauce before making it a sandwich.

37)  Half yellow curry sauce, half tomato sauce, bread sticks  
 Heat the sauce.  Dip the bread sticks. 

38) Whole grain bread, grape jelly, sesame seeds

39)  Whole grain bread, grape jelly, curry powder

40) Slice of bread, hummus, chipotle salsa, parmesan cheese 

Spread some hummus on a slice of bread.  Next spread some chipolte salsa.  Watch it, that stuff is hot!  Use enough to change the color as you spread it around.  Now top it off with parmesan cheese.

41)  French loaf of bread, Vodka sauce 
Just dip in Vodka sauce

42) Microwave, Pinto beans, Cajun spice, Frank’s Hot Sauce

Drain your beans.  Put them on a plate or in a bowl.  Use enough hot sauce to get some on all your beans and enough cajun spice to mix all around with your hot sauce.  Now microwave until it is hot.

43) Mix peach yogurt with blueberries and blackberries.


44)  Cinnamon bread, blossom sauce

Spread the blossom sauce on the cinnamon bread.
Keep bread closed tightly with a binder clip, and in the refrigerator!

45)  Strawberry/banana swirl bread with some Bruschetta on top.

46)  Strawberry/banana swirl bread with garlic,butter dipping sauce from Papa Johns.